Thank you cards, no, really, thank you.

Thank you cards. Well we’ve made them –  the truly painful bit, writing them, has yet to be done. This is a little woman issue as well, bet Beth wrote thank you letters, she probably embroidered them. It’s all a bit Martha Stewart. 

 I honestly think it’s the right, kind and honourable thing to do but sometimes, as I loom over Z – painful sentence after sentence, like squeezing blood from a stone, I feel unbearably uptight and as though I should be wearing a gingham blouse…and a frilly apron.

The cards themselves look great! M&D got Zeph a truly brilliant a-z stamping set so we’ve just been messing around with ink pads,stamps and tissue paper. Ida did manage to stamp her entire face with a W and a P in green ink before I noticed but apart from that it went quite smoothly.

ah - glitter...

I find this is unusual for kids + craft activities. It’s always hard to resist the temptation to intervene but I  love the haphazard wonkiness of their creations. You can always tell the genuine article (it’s a bit shit) from a supervised creation.   Of course since my own crafting is slightly slapdash I think sometimes my family get confused. One of my scarves this year was mistaken for a Zeph present. I took a lot of care over those boho dropped stitches!

Despite making a concerted effort to resist making resolutions this year I have secretly been inwardly planning. This blog is one. I find it so hard to stick with anything. My kids and their father are the exception and I expect that’s because I don’t wash them enough (why are small children always sticky?) If I could just manage a year… Well I’m not exactly sure what that will accomplish – maybe I’ll find out when I get there. Am pretty sure it’s not going to be one of these cutting edge, exciting, meaningful blogs but many of my favourite reads are the quirky mundane ones. I think it’s probably because it makes you feel less alone. Also I enjoy reading about people avoiding washing up whilst I avoid my own.

On that note one of my internal resolutions was to wash up before bed tonight. Imagine! oh the dizzy heights.


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