Stuff to make

Thought I’d list some of the craftish stuff I’m doing and what I’d like to do more of and try this year. That’s not a resolution list though!

I have a really bad habit of starting lots of stuff and leaving things unfinished so I really what to have less things on the go at once and actually  FINISH them. I also want to make stuff to put into a “gift chest” so I have a resource of stuff for birthdays and ready for next Xmas to try to lower the Xmas stress factor. I also have some vague plans for  maybe trying to do a couple of craft fairs this year.


Knitting – I’m not a natural or accomplished knitter – following a pattern seems like a totally impossible proposition to me. I’m not deeply methodical or very good at counting. I really want to conquer my aversion this year though and progress beyond scarves and square things. What I do really enjoy is knitting with lots of different wools, ribbons and threads at once, weaving and adding them in as I go which makes lovely thick embellished fabrics with beautiful lavish textures. Good for scarves and I’ve managed a slightly shapeless tank top style top for my Ida but would like to branch out into hats maybe…p’rap a jumper…. I’m also planning to try to knit with ripped up fabric strips (similar to the ones that you ragrug with) to make a cover for a really shabby stool I’ve been meaning to refurbish for about three years. Also a few night ago I had a strange dream, part of which was knitting with garden twine and woke up with a really intriguing idea to knit a bag with twine and ripped up plastic bags…hmmm.

Felting – well I’d like to do a bit of real felting but read a brilliant crafty book which talked about felting up old wool jumpers in a washing machine on a hot wash and then cutting them up to make stuff with. It did talk rather airily as though everyone had old wool jumpers just lying around – which I certainly don’t! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled in charity shops though and have picked a couple up to experiment with and have been really successful with a full wool jumper in chocolate-brown which I think I might turn into a tunic dress for Ida – I might applique some felt flowers onto it and a bluesy mixed wool jumper which I might cut into strips to make flowers with to embellish something else.

It’s always a struggle to resist the temptation to spend money when doing craft stuff. The lure of gorgeous fabric and buttons and fabulous wools and new tools for exciting projects can add up alarmingly and the ideas I have had for being thrifty end up costing me money we really don’t have. So I’m going to try to be really on the lookout for exciting recycling ideas and info sharing. There are so many brilliant sites out there with generous people sharing ideas and patterns. I also really want get more involved with some of the stitch groups and crafty stuff around me.

I made felt tree decorations for people for this year Xmas presents. Mostly felt owls with buttons for eyes – I was really pleased with how they turned out and would like to make a stock for selling, I’ve also got an idea for pincushions which might justify my weakness for old-fashioned single teacups in jumble sales and charity shops. 

Last christmas I made some angel wings for Ida – like those net fairy ones you see everywhere. I thought they might sell at a festive craft fair but I’d need to find some more gold material as I’ve used that lot up completely.     

I definitely want to sew more clothes from patterns this year, instead of bodging  them as I go along… and use more of the settings on my sewing machine. Had a go with a friends embroidery needle for a sewing machine last year….I’d like to do more of that.

Well now my mind is full of ideas I’d better go wash up and make some banana muffins for Z’s sandwich box. Tomorrow I’ll post the recipe – it’s a great one for diabetics as has not much sugar.


2 responses to “Stuff to make

  1. ripping up plastic bags and using them as yarn is called’plan’ and can include ribbon from old videos and audio tapes. Also garden twine can make fab things!
    I love love love those wings and would happily part with money for a pair.
    Hmmmmmmmmmm craft fair you say? I’ve been mulling that over for a while. What about some kind of women’s collective craft thing at Christmas? just a thought.

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