Disco fever

I woke up with a heavy heart this morning. It just feels like that sometimes. The day itself actually went a lot better than expectations so am feeling a lot more optimistic now.

I did a lot of flylady stuff today, and threw a lot of stuff out – lots of recycling and three binbags destined for various charity places. One was a bag of old toys for the Haven so I made care to get it out of the house before Z came home from school and unpacked it all, protesting bitterly about losing toys he hasn’t looked at for years. ( I am VERY careful not to get rid of genuine treasures – honestly! Steve is still reeling from his Mum offloading all his Starwars toys to a jumble sale while he was at university,  and it’s been years…)

It’s just so freeing – clearing away clutter. My parents are absolute hoarders and so is Steve. I’m not advocating constantly buying new things and I’m not claiming I don’t hoard things like fabrics and button (ahem.. and lone teacups..) but I just like a pared down collection of lifestuff. Was it William Morris who said – No beauty without function and every function with beauty. That’s where I’m aiming but its seems a way off yet.

I’ve also cut out the tunic dress for Ida from the wool jumper I felted and I’m starting to blanket stitch around the edges. I’m trying to finish it for her birthday tea party which is next Saturday (15th) We’re doing a disco party after school on her actual b’day with a few really good friends and Z and I had a brilliant time making a playlist for it,  it’s eclectic, veering from Scooby doo to Blondie to Skinny Puppy with a bit of JLS and some Johnny Cash…going to be a good party. It’s a disco party because she went mad for dancing with all the older kids at Z’s party in October when they were playing Musical Statues and was incensed by them sitting down one by one. I promised her a dance floor for her b’day and a dance floor she’ll have…must dig out that glitterball…

Managed to return the overdue library books that were slowing ticking up fines. I’d been dreading it but they were less than I thought – huzzah! Returning books on time is a personal weakness. I once lived in a flat NEXT to the library and still ran up fines. I’ve actually been doing quite well so far – it helps that Zeph is always desperate to go and change his books. I love the library and its thrifty green credentials are undeniable. I always come away with that “been shopping glow” and no cash spent. I also  feel the urge to use it while it’s still here. (big society… grrr *spit*)

The washing- up- before- bed regime is still on track – if I could just make it a weeks worth…


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