Beautiful Ida

beautiful Ida - 11th of Jan, two years ago

 It’s true – I’m maudlin and emotional – and I swear to any deity you prefer I’ve not touched a drop of gin. It’s Ida’s birthday tomorrow and I’m feeling sentimental. It was just such a miserable pregnancy and after several heartbreaking miscarriages after we had Zeph  I was so amazingly relieved to finally have her safely in my arms.

Of course every child is a life-changing miracle to their parents but I still find myself pole-axed by the actual physical presence of my children. It was a kind of life I never really envisioned for myself and I’m still surprised by the fact of it. *Surprised and overwhelmingly glad – I should make clear!

As were many of my nearest and dearest – I’m pretty sure many of them were watching out in case I ate Zeph like a hormonally haywire hamster.

Spent today making a big cake covered in dolly mixtures for Ida and Reuben tomorrow, (they’re sharing a party as Reuben was three on the 7th) and various foody things. The house is disco-fied with lots of fairy lights and the glitterball in place. The playlist is done and ready and I’ve hoovered the stairs. The table is pushed back to enable enough room for as much energetic dancing as wanted. They may helicopter with impunity.

I wanted to get as much done as possible as I’m going swimming with Ida tomorrow and then to the baby singsong session at the library before the big disco party. I still haven’t finished the dress but have the rest of the week to do it. Is it dreadful that we have bought her very little? We don’t do huge presents but try to do something special and she’s so little …and then at the last second I have a dreadful urge to buy every ludicrously overpriced consumer crazy toy in a five-mile radius and wrap them in miles of shiny paper. does pass though.

Since her favourite plaything from Christmas is the inner tube from some wrapping paper and a couple of ping-pong balls to slide down it I think we’ll be okay. 

possibly the proudest big brother in the world

looking at these pictures makes me freak out about how quickly time is passing. .

ah me… wonder if we have any gin….

Off to wash up before bed – got to keep the roll going.


2 responses to “Beautiful Ida

  1. A life less simple

    Happy Birthday Ida!
    I’m sure that she will love whatever it is you have got her and has no need of overpriced toys, less is more!

    • you’re completely correct – she was overjoyed with her pig puzzle and odd pompom creature Zeph and I made her and didn’t even know she was supposed to have an enormous pile of plastic 😉 – I spend loads of time trying make Z aware of how insidious advertising is and forget I’m just as susceptible! Thanks so much for your b’day wishes

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