Birthday girl

I’m officially wiped out – disco really takes it out of you.. about to have a piece of the cake with a cup of tea… mmmm

I am feeling really happy. Normally I find children’s parties unbearably exhausting for a variety of complicated v. poor mental health reasons but this one was all friends and their children and hence – just lovely and laid back. Well actually quite loud and chaotic but in a non stressful way. I am a bit jittery after having to judge some games like musical statues…it’s their little hopeful faces – how can you declare anyone out? I always end up rewarding everyone which infuriates them because, lets face it , kids are savages – competitive ones.

I plan to renew sewing tomorrow with a vengeance – I will finish Idas dress. I’ve made plans with some of my friends tonight to make clothes for the kids together. We have an informal sewing group with the kids after school on  tuesdays and we’re going to do some clothes next – Zeph wants me to make him a waistcoat and I’ve had a lovely pinafore pattern in Ida’s size since she was born. Feel optimistic – nothing like doing a new thing with someone else to make you actually do it – and complete it.

That’s it – can write no more – the call of the cake is too strong!


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