capsule wardrobe

Today I have mostly been…. hmm.. well lots of things – I made some little leek quichey tart things for the family party on Saturday. I feel relatively chuffed with this as I made the pastry successfully – I’d like to share my tip that made it MUCH easier – I chopped the butter into the bowl – added double the weight of plain flour then put it all (not just the butter which I have tried before but the whole lot) in the freezer with a glass of water and then went to do something else for a bit. It all went together beautifully when I came back to rub together then mixed with the chilled water (and I left it to rest for the prescribed half an hour – a step I often try to miss out)  – so ha to my Mum who always says hothands and shakes her head. Ha – double ha! It’s not that I never manage to make  pastry it’s just that it usually tastes like cardboard. Not good. This lot is all flaky, short and lovely lightness! whoop.

The thing I went to do whilst the flour etc was getting cold, which I didn’t mention midst cooking tip chat in case it put you off, was delouse my daughter. Anyone with kids will recognise the inevitable drudgery of nit combing. I used to be seriously repelled by the louse – due mostly to the massively magnified picture of a flea that used to be in my vet’s reception – urgh  but regular exposure has de sensitised me. I don’t like the highly chemical cures either so it’s all down to regular combing and probably ineffective essential oils. At least they smell nice… It’s actually quite soothing and has proved to be a good chatting about stuff time with Zeph. I’m six months in remission and last year our regular baboon sessions – his name, not mine and I hasten to add – I don’t eat the lice… were often the times he chose to ask the scary questions that were bothering him. Maybe it’s the intimacy coupled with the fact he’s facing away? I don’t know but it was valuable. Ida has to be bribed to sit still – today it was half an avocado and animal park.

Anyway – whilst combing I was thinking about the uniform project   which I think is a really interesting and commendable endeavor but led to me musing about my clothes and whether I could do it and realising that I only own around 10 pieces of clothing as it is. It’s true – excluding underwear and socks (actually, usually I steal Zephs’ socks…)

Jeans – really shocking state – bought in last years sale and already worn and patched

New Jeans – bought in this yrs sale for £5 – and I don’t like them – they’re a weird shape and an odd colour – I’m going to dye them.

pyjamas – bought these when heavily pregnant with Ida – thought I’d better have something for hospital.. and I include these in clothes because I occasionally wear the trousers (black) in emergencies and in recent snow – under my jeans.

black top x2 – it’s a bit tunic -y, I liked it so bought two and

same top in brown

Strange indigo cotton dress thing – I wear this over jeans although recently I did wear it to a wedding over tights. I bought the biggest fat girl tights I could find as I hate them constantly falling/rolling down. Unfortunately stupid tight making people think all large ladies are also enormously tall and they were not particularly wide but very long. My sister, irritated by my constantly hiking up sent me to the toilets to sort them out and I had to pull them up and tuck them into my bra which goes towards showing how ludicrously long they were. ggrrr

A cardigan – which I mostly wear as a light coat

A coat which is bright red and I love it –  and a decent raincoat which I finally invested in this year. Good timing as we had a pretty rainy camping trip.

a pair of black sweatpants type trousers – pretty wrecked and quite paint splattered.

Yep that’s it – I do also have a few – too small/old/truly battered other tops that I don’t/can’t wear but haven’t got rid of and a swimming costume – does that count?

So twelvish if you count them all. A pretty poor showing. It’s partly since stopping work I don’t need decent respectable clothes,partly because I’m a large (humongous!) size shopping is pricy and not that much fun/, partly because I’m naturally slatternly and partly because there’s always something more pressing to spend the money on.

Hmmm – never mind sewing something for the kids, better get stitching for myself.

Haven’t even started on how in awe I am of the amazing things some people do with their lives to help other…and how inadequate it makes me feel. I’ll save that lot for another day eh?

Oh – I do have an abundance of scarves. All lovely ones as well so can accessorize with the very best of them. 

And on another positive note to end – I’ve worked out how to put a link into my post. Off  now to work on world peace.


One response to “capsule wardrobe

  1. you need new clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great site and when they have a sale the prices can go down to a couple of pounds. I got some maxi dresses for £8 reduced from £30. The sizes are VERY generous too.
    Since discovering places like this I’ve become a bit of a shopper unlike before where it was all such a horrible experience with those mirrors and clothes that never fit

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