Lazy Sunday

It’s the end of the day and I’m trying to think where it’s gone… how did that happen? I had a lot of constructive plans but now I’m trying to think what exactly have I accomplished. I could do a list but maybe it’ll shatter my fragile self-worth… always a risk.

I’d just like to say that this is genuinely not going to be one of those things where people (you know who you are…I do love you..mostly) bemoan their inability/lack of motivation/laziness and then list things like; ran 10 miles – what the hell? wrote another novel – shit! whipped up lobster bisque – for f’s sake!

today I/we have;

got up and dressed (Ida too) – It took ages and I was listening to the Archers so was blinded by tears. Somewhere towards the end Z touched me lightly on the hand and said in his best gentle voice – you do know it’s made up Mum? 

put a wash on (you know it’s bad when you put this on a list of achievements – it’s not like we’ve still got a twintub.)

finished my book ha ha – nearly had you..finished reading my book!

did the crossword…well most of it

Stood and looked dolefully at my garden making plans while kids jumped gleefully on wet trampoline – this includes pretending not to see the section of fence that has blown down as I don’t want to have to wrestle it back, will wait for Steve to notice when he gets home from work.

shouted at everyone for tracking mud in then realised it was me..

made spaghetti bolognaise for tea and fobbed the kids off with fish finger sandwiches for lunch.

Washed up.

Used left over bread sticks (why do my children act like bread sticks are stuffed with cocaine? they seem pretty boring to me) to bribe Z into a few more thank you cards – I know! it’s shameful, we are down to the last few – hopefully they’ll be done before spring. I did also do some letters to go with cards, mostly to people who I don’t know very well and have no idea  what to say.(why am I writing all the thank you’s to Steve’s family?) I adopted the Z method of big writing in the middle of the page – his beady eyes noticed and I was formally reprimanded.

We are now, as I type, in the middle of homework wrestling. My poor boy – so bright, so many brilliant ideas – so hates the writing. If I let him do it on the computer we’d have pages & pages but having to form letters with  a pencil (that pen license is a long way off) is nearly unbearably painful. I try not to worry about this and am at the moment alternating between – oh that’s great, I really like… and GOD!!! will you just GET ON as I turn and catch him looking at th e ceiling again. Hmm I sense that this is probably not helpful.

And that’s it. I was supposed to be really cracking on with stripping the wallpaper in the hall (anyone who actually knows me will now be doubled up in hysterical laughter.)  I began stripping the wallpaper whilst pregnant with Ida and hormonally crazy. The shredded walls are quite useful for putting off door to door salespeople as clearly we’re penniless and lacking in any kind of standards.

That’s pretty much it, I can’t even pretend that I fitted in a lot of domestic chores as I’ve clearly already used them to form most of the list. I could pretend I’m going to do loads this evening but my plans include the sofa, the rest of the paper and possibly some idle crossword doing with Steve, annoying because he does them all v. quickly but hopefully he’ll be knackered from work (and wrestling that fence panel in the dark..)

Gah! Zeph, – WRITE boy! WRITE!!!


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