Frost and unreasonable prejudice

It may be wrong and shallow of me but – I just feel differently about Charlie Brooker since he married Konnie Huq.

I feel ashamed of this but it’s just how I feel.

Steve is now laughing because I can forgive Philip Larkin but not Brooker. He’s also being mocking and holier than thou about sisterhood and judging other women on the strength of, well, nothing at all. Pot I say…you bearded pot.

It was a very frosty morning here and I was (maybe) a bit cross setting out, (seems an inevitable result of the morning scramble…must get more organised) what with the extra stress of finding a glove for each of six hands – was a massive fail, not a matching pair between us and I only had one – poor cold left hand. After dropping Z off at school I set off to walk to my grandmother’s house to spend the day and as I negotiated the level crossing I was struck by how beautiful the world was. All the trees were heavily frosted and the fog in the air made the sky light up with the orangey glow of the risen sun. Gloriously, painfully beautiful. Worth a cold left hand I think.

If only I had had a camera so I could share the scene with you but it was one of those beautiful moments that sear themselves onto the back of your eyelids so I’ve got it forever. Industrial winter wonderland.

2 responses to “Frost and unreasonable prejudice

  1. charlie brooker….I can’t look at his STUPID NEW HAIR!!!!Who does he think he is??? God, I used to have fantasies about us sitting together in a bar and laughing at the whole world but NOT ANY MORE!!!! God I hate him now and I may be a bit cross about konnie too….or jealous, one of those….

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