lazy sunday thinking

Z asked this morning if I could deflate his new basketball a little, “it’s too pumped up for good dribbling…” as I was doing it he mused on how it was weird that it was better when it was a bit saggy, “like Bagpuss..or you Mum..” Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about this.

I now know a lot more about Portugal than I did, surely a good thing?

The narcissus bulbs my Mum gave me for Xmas  are beginning to flower. I feel as though spring isn’t that far away. Contrary to expected lore I always feel  depressed in springtime and can actually feel the dread press down on my shoulders. It feels like a long haul ahead to my birthday in April.

Sticky, our  leopard gecko is shedding. He looks very catlike as he arches his back, rubbing against his log. Very hard to resist the temptation to help him by a bit of judicious peeling. Once it’s off he’ll eat it with great relish, desert creatures don’t waste a thing. Unlike me. I have put a few things into the bin that should really go into the recycling. The eagle-eyed recycling police, (Zeph)  have noticed and issued a stern warning.  Abashed (and slightly resentful) I have promised to try harder.

Earlier I caught Ida drawing on her plain wooden dolls house furniture. I reprimanded her and she just held it up with a big beaming smile and said,  ” I make pretty.”  On closer inspection the crayon swirls are very pretty. Steve points out that I’m constantly embellishing our stuff. In the face of all this evidence I can’t think why I was reprimanding her at all and feel silly. We have a big bear hug, with growling.

I remember at the beginning of  a long ago philosophy (unfinished) degree sitting in a lecture about received ideas and applying it to myself and feeling a bit shocked at how thoughtless my opinions were. I still try to ask –  why do I think that.. but instead of firming up my world view I just seem to end up with more questions. I like to consider the what-do-I-think as a work in progress. It seems the sanest way.


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