will avocado wash out of felt?

Well – I finished the felt tunic I meant to do for Ida’s b’day – well past the date but finished. Yee ha – let us celebrate even slightly missed goals.

I’m really happy at how it turned out and am keeping my eyes peeled for any more charity shop/jumble sale wool jumpers. It definitely works best on 100% wool but I’d probably give a high wool mix another go. Lambswool doesn’t work…well hasn’t so far for me so I won’t buy any more.

Appliquing on the felt took ages, partly because I was distracted and partly because the arthritis in my hands is pretty bad at the moment. I have concealed from Steve exactly how many needles I have dropped and lost on the/ in the sofa. This could come back to bite me on the arse. Literally.

I’m feeling a bit low about this, especially as one of thing I do to fend off the black dog is making stuff which is harder with  gnarly claws. I have an appointment with a new consultant next month and am trying not to pin too much hope on it whilst being optimistic and open to new drugs or treatment. I may take up actual tightrope walking as well as the mental stuff, it’s supposed to be very relaxing…

I love these flowers – I’m going to use this style more and would love to do it by properly felting (needling etc) Might ask for some materials for my birthday. Ida likes them too. I also think on the next one I’ll cut up the jumper and then piece the bits together instead of cutting down the jumper to make the tunic because it’s a bit gape-y at the neck despite putting some darts in. Other than that – a success.

Really noticing all the things we  (ha! I…) need to do in the house today (no nice baking smells to distract me). I’m trialling a method where I don’t make a depressing and self-defeating list but try to do one small thing a day. Trouble is I like making the list..it’s only afterwards it begins to pain me. Maybe I could write the list and then burn it.

Of course I could have used those fifteen minutes to actually DO something. Sigh. 

 Going to do wraps for tea with various salads and leftovers in, (farewell baked bacon and beans in your final reincarnation as a kind of refried bean dish) and am toying with the idea of making my own tortillas – hello google. It’s very hard to recall life before google, it’s all misty and vague….

Todays BT – lunch was avocado and wasabi paste on granary toast, Ida made happy humming noises all the way through hers. Wondering idly if she’d eat avo til she burst she scares the bejeesus out of me and Mittens by declaiming YES! very firmly. Hmmmm. Her newly discovered telepathic skills seem to be limited to avocados  (or indeed my rational brethren, co-incidence).

Ho hum.


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