I’m so tired I’m seeing spots…

This is the first time I’ve looked blankly at the draft screen. I’ve usually got a lot to say, (I’m not claiming it’s interesting or even makes sense..) Possibly it’s harder today because I’m finding it hard to remember my last longer than two hours stretch of uninterrupted sleep.

I mean the kids aren’t bad sleepers usually. I am and unfortunately it seems Z has inherited my sleepwalking tendencies. Steve usually wanders around the house in the early hours, drinking lemsips and playing tetris. In fact Ida usually goes 7.30 – 6 with minimal waking ( this is mostly due to my heartless application of controlled crying – more on this later*) and is the best sleeper out of us. Not at the moment though – not with the temperature and dreadful itching and, new this morning, spots in her eyes. Not good. Not good at all.

It’s funny how your body adjusts to very little shuteye but it’s like when your windows are really dirty and you don’t notice till you give them a good clean and suddenly light streams in. Sleep deprivation mists the world around you.

* I lied – I lied. Just wrote a hagridden witty and insightful rant discourse on the thorny controlled crying issue and then lost it. Stupid computer, stupid spilt tea, stupid Laura for not saving draft.

I plan to regroup, fit in a bit of kip and try again.

BT today – calomine lotion..it smells lovely and it feels divine – Ida heaved a real sigh of relief today when we got to work with the bottle and the cotton wool. “dab dab mums, dab dab!”


2 responses to “I’m so tired I’m seeing spots…

  1. visiting you back. thanks for lovely comment.
    Arrah Chicken Pox. Why do they seem to itch only at night?
    Loved your ranty post about controlled crying and parenting and saintly mothers – don’t let those types wear you down. x

    • This is SO true about only at night – people keeps saying things like, “she doesn’t seem ill does she?” as she shrieks and chases her brother and I grimace and think about the early hours…

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