cats and cuts

My blog writing time, which is snatched at best has been sabotaged by my son who showed Ida  Josie and the pussycats on YouTube so the minute my hands stray towards the keyboard I have a small irritable spotty toddler swarming up me demanding Cat! Cat! very insistently.

We went to the library this week after school with some friends and I’ve been meaning to write about how important it is in our lives and how angry I feel about its threatened closure. I’m postingPhilip Pullman this link to a speech by Philip Pullman who puts it perfectly and far more articulately than I could ever hope for. It’s a long speech but I really urge you to read it if you haven’t already. I’m pretty sure people who enjoy blogging, both writing and reading  them feel strongly about  the importance of these institutions in our society and our communities.

I for one am enraged at many of these cuts. Do you know that todays national debt, although large,  I’m not denying it, is still smaller than it was at any point during the Thatcher administration?

I feel as though the “financial crisis” is being used as an excuse to paralyze us with fear while a series of immoral, shockingly fat cat, rotten borough style cuts are being swept through by  a Tory government wearing a soundbite, media savvy, useless liberal, effing “New Man” mask. Big society my bloody arse.

Is the Trident program being cut? Are we withdrawing from illegal,intrusive, empire building military action? Have the House of Commons redecoration..(it’s all listed you to be posh wallpaper) budgets being cut? What about all the money being wasted for people to behave like toddlers dressing up in ridiculous wigs, prancing around  with historical artifacts booing each other in a lavishly maintained building full of special members bars and lackeys polishing shoe leather and arseholes – whoops – sorry- got carried away and inappropriate.



yeah…read the Pullman piece. It’s good stuff.


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