patchWorking Class

I ‘ve just done this BBC Class Survey.

You may recall my ongoing tease with a friend and the subsequent class rant of that blog post. This didn’t really answer any of my questions but I’m looking forward to reading the conclusions they draw. I was also intrigued by some of the questions.

My results left me 53% economic and 100% social and cultural. I’m slightly adrift as to what this means apart from I have a broad range of interests and friends…

Have finally wrestled the sewing machine into submission so managed to finish the two patch work sides of the bag. Just got to put it together with a decent lining and make some handles and viola – a patchwork shopper. My patchworking is definitely not best practise. I can see all the pieces would fit together a lot better if they were cut perfectly but cheerfulness and a nice hot steam iron work wonders and I think wonkiness will always be my trademark.

I shall take Bagpuss as my idol and set his happy seventies haphazard seams as my guide. Praise you Postgate and your beautiful shedcrafted wooly darlings.

Todays BT – marmite on hot toast, hot buttery toast. I don’t have to share with anyone because I’m the only one in the house who can bear it, mmmmm.


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