Is too late to enter for olympic swimming events?

It is now resembling more of a bag…although I feel slightly punch drunk. Still got to sew the other handle on properly but thought I’d post before I hit midnight and spoil the roll.

Finding it hard to think of beautiful things today and have to take refuge in the reliable ones, my lovely boy and  mischievous girl. Buying tamarind paste today, the very kind man in the shop presented Ida with a chocolate. She gave him the most calculating look from under her eyelashes and a, “Tank yoo nice man” and was rewarded by a handful poured into her lap. I fear for her moral compass. 

I came downstairs after fishing through the piles of crumpled clean clothes piled around the house for a new, yoghurt free school jumper to find Z had cleared the table and was attempting to wash up. Admittedly I had to mop the floor but was  so overcome with emotion at the kindness of someone, anyone assisting in the dish drudgery that I embraced him lavishly. He was very blase and manly saying, (slightly muffled as I was clasping him to my bosom at the time) “well I would wash up more if I was an orphan.”* Dampened my spirits a little. What does it mean? Does he know something I don’t?

*My sister has just reminded me of my childhood longing to be a Mallory Towers orphan. Maybe it’s a phase?

Another beautiful thing was my ludicrous satisfaction at being able to swim slightly faster than at least one person in the ladies only swim session today. Of course it was the gallant 97 yr old Pearl who uses a walking frame to get to the edge of the pool. Yay – go Laura!  



3 responses to “Is too late to enter for olympic swimming events?

  1. the bag is beautiful xxxx

  2. ebay…of course!

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