Anyone for the deathslide?

What’s the consensus about soft play places? Didn’t see those on that class survey.

I like them but I have a fondness for hanging around in draughty institutional places. The last couple of years have seen me waiting in a variety of rooms.  Some with magazines, some without. Sometimes I have children with me to root through the box of headless dolls, piece-less puzzle bases and numerous toy cars that have clearly been stripped for parts. Sometimes I’m blissfully alone, possibly with a book. Usually there’s a (and I say it with all love and understanding, after all I’m one of the club) nutter. I’ve never yet had a medical or clinic appointment that was on time. I’m not complaining, it’s an obvious hazard – difficult things take longer – sometimes life and illness don’t fit into ten minutes. You have to embrace the waiting.

I like benches on platforms too, and waiting in stationery trains for some out of sight and inexplicable signal to change. Obviously it’s no fun when you’ve got a deadline or you know someone else is watching the clock waiting for you but otherwise..bring on the hiatus.

Anyway – I seem to digress, sorry.

Softplay barns give me the same feeling. Maybe it’s the high ceilings. Maybe it’s because I’ve just never made it to one of the higher class ones. We don’t have a car so are slightly limited to our range. One has recently opened mere minutes from our home. Admittedly it’s behind a slightly seedy pub/diner but I am not put off by the unsalubrious…if you could see the state of my kitchen floor, you’d quickly realise that. I had a great time there today with a friend and Ida and Reuben.

I feel in awe of Ida’s sheer physicality – and she’s really agile and fearless, qualities that do not stem from me. I made a mental note to do more to encourage this…rock climbing maybe. Chimney sweeping?

Wouldn’t hurt to boost the family income….

Todays BT – Hattie liked her bag! huzzah! At least she was kind enough to seem as though she did and she walked home using it. As a bag. In the dark it looked like a proper bag. I will break out a whoop.


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