Grey clouds.

Gah! What the hell happened? I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, mood wise and have stayed stubbornly there all day. Happiness comes before a fall of spirits certainly.

Couldn’t even give you a proper reason why either. Probably coming down with the bug both the kids have although they seem better now. Ida had a temperature and was sick in the night but seems hunky dory now and was running around giggling hysterically as I tried to blow-dry her hair tonight. She is alarmingly skinny at the moment and I’m constantly trying to decide if she’s fine and I’ve just got my eye in wrong as the rest of us are plumpsious or if I need to bulk buy in some avocados.

Z announced at bedtime (after a generous tea) that he felt poorly and was copiously sick about ten minutes later then retired to bed saying he felt a lot better. I’ll say this for them, they seem to kick off the germs quickly enough, it’s Steve and I who stagger around half dead for days. Thanks guys.

I have spent quite a large portion of the day oohing and ahhing over a pair of new blogs I found through a crocheting friends’ link. By Elizabeth Cat and through her blog, Lucy at Attic 24. Dear lord, the gorgeous luscious colour, the yarnyness, the amazing accessibility of it all. Have been lusting over Lucy’s recommendations of yarn and trying to convince myself I can crochet. Really I can. I just need to apply myself.

Probably I’m cross because in the half an hour before picking up Zeph I watched videojug trying to get my head round this needley knotting stuff and have come away even more baffled.

While Ida and I were hanging around outside Z’s swimming lesson I knitted a bracelet. I like putting lots of wools together but it makes a really stiff textured material. I’ve thought about making belts with and then last night I thought about making a cuff.

I like it, probably not as much as Ida does.

yep - I'll have that.

Think I’ll make the next one thinner and maybe bead it a bit. Frankly I’m cross because it’s not in that yummy cotton yarn and cross because it iS NOT CROCHET. Humph.

I’ve made myself laugh now with my unreasonable glumphing. Honestly, is it any surprise the kids flounce round here like golden-globe winning drama queens?

Todays reason to be thankful – being able to still see silver linings.

5 responses to “Grey clouds.

  1. what is going wrong with the crochet? Are you managing to see where you stick the hook in? What have you been trying?

  2. A Life Less Simple

    It is a very nice cuff and more than I have managed to make for the whole of this year

    • Ah – but you’ve just moved house! Hope the settling in and making it yours stuff is going well – does it have a big garden?

      • A Life Less Simple

        Awww, really it has nothing to do with moving, I am just a bit rubbish at finishing things and craft always moves over for living things. But this will be the year I finish something

        It has a big enough garden, it isn’t as big as I’m use to but can grow some veg and keep chickens in it so I’m happy. Also not far from my allotments either, I haven’t yet tried walking it but reckon it’s maybe 15mins away. I’ve added some photos of the garden to my Flickr (right hand side bar on my blog) so I can track what I’m doing now I have a bit of a plan.

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