Mess, tulips and distraction techniques.

The thing about turning out cupboards and sorting stuff is that it makes a huge mount of mess. I pointed this out to Steve defensively and slightly sharply as he came through the door last night tired and slightly dismayed by the enormous pile of  mouldy boxes and broken things. Only for him to present me with a bunch of beautiful tulips, possibly one of my favourite things.

I felt a bit shrewish.

Zeph just asked what’s for tea and after being told it’s soup regards me steadily. “You mean you’ve whizzed up yesterdays leftovers?” I bluster for a bit about not being wasteful and that I’ll make croutons but am silenced by his raised eyebrows which indicates we both know that just means cut up toast. I can’t even tell him to get on with his homework as he’s finished it. This weekends country was Brazil which meant he got to write about rainforest animals and didn’t even need to be prompted to start it. Perhaps we should just write about the animals of every country.

I’m really glad we did garden stuff yesterday as it has rained steadily all day. I have done much swopping around of stuff but left a trail of things-to-be-found-homes-for in my wake. I’ve also rediscovered an awful lot of projects half done.

The good thing about finding the back of the cupboards are half rotted away already is that it will take very little effort to dismantle them. The bad thing is that I have to touch the mouldy stuff to get it out and can’t recycle as much as I would like meaning I’ve run out of bin space. Hmmm.

This is of course why I’m on here, procrastinating and boring you senseless.

I would like to share with you my horror and disbelief at a new Barbie advert I was privileged to witness this morning during a morning milkshake viewing. Barbie Fashionista’s – you get to swap their heads about…  What next? – Barbies arriving with their own breast implants screw-ins for easy-play plastic surgery. What will I do about the Barbie thing? I remember yearning for one knowing full well my mum wouldn’t let it cross the threshold. Is forbidding stuff the answer?

Last night Ida took a lego brick to bed with her to cuddle. I’m torn between being relieved and hoping this lasts and googling those people who fall in love with inanimate objects and end up marrying bridges or steamboats.

Much better use of my time to worry about this than where I’m going to store the two broken Hoovers I’m keeping for parts and the three years worth of Uncut and Word magazines.

Today’s BT: Mittens kindly stepping in and eating the spider I found under the stairs. It was quite big. I couldn’t find a jam jar and was just wondering if I could pick it up in my hand when she pounced. Obviously sad end for the spider and all that but a satisfactory example of the food chain in action.


3 responses to “Mess, tulips and distraction techniques.

  1. My tactic was to comment often and in great detail, whenever we saw a barbie, or indeed anything remotely like one, about how STUPID it is and how it looks NOTHING LIKE a real person and they’re all COLD and HARD and NOT CUDDLY AT ALL, and how crochet monkeys are LOADS BETTER, and they only look like that because some people in a big company want girls to get CONFUSED about what bodies are supposed to look like, which is really MEAN, and generally go on and on at some length about how RUBBISH they are. Started as soon as she was old enough to notice I was talking to her. Don’t know if it works, but she’s certainly never asked for one….

    PS Came here through Erika. Have been enjoying your blog enormously, you’ve almost inspired me to get going with mine again… Look forward to saying hello In Real Life at a yarny meet up soon!

    • This seems like a good plan…Zeph already fulfils it slightly as he thinks they’re stoooooopid and she’d much rather have his mummy of doom or octopus. Thanks for v encouraging comment – I’m really enjoying the blogging process (most of it, didn’t like the remorse bit) and am blown away by people actually reading it. Will definitely defy hell and high water to make the next yarny get together…tell me – can you crochet? hmm?

  2. Can a duck swim!?
    (Although I’m on a knitting jag right now….)

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