Party animals

Ah  – it’s nearly eleven and we’ve just got in. Ida is fast asleep in the pushchair and I am hastily writing this because I’m pretty sure she’ll wake up as I PJ her and the resulting cuddling etc will take longer than I have left of today.

I’m determined to post before midnight for previously unmentioned reasons. Probably can drop the cloak and dagger stuff eh?

Had a brilliant family party for my aunt (hmm she’s only three years older than me…) A surprise one but she scrubbed up well. I think she may have guessed – we’re not the most discreet bunch. It was lovely to see everyone and the kids had a classic family party time. Lots of sugar, dance floor to themselves, various doting aunts and grandmas, cousins to race about with and in Z’s case hang about on the stairs with. Daring each other and sneaking cakes and cola. He had the chance to lay down some moves, premiere his new cart-wheel “move” and impress some three-year olds. Classic.

I contributed a few metres of bunting (heart-shaped) :

Various foods, including these  butterfly cakes that turned out yummy:

and my children were VERY entertaining:


One response to “Party animals

  1. oh! love the bunting

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