New shoes, old stones and sweets.

As I type this I have someone peering over my shoulder VERY keen to see the photo I’ve just taken up on the computer screen. I stopped to say something to Steve and had my fingers gently but insistently returned to the keyboard. I suspect the focus that is sorely missing in Steve and I’s basic “nature” package has all turned up in Ida. Frankly, I fear for the world.

So to satisfy her;

Ta da! New shoes. They fill me with a squirmy Lelli Kelli feeling but they are Clarks doodles and one of the few pairs in the shop in Ida’s size that weren’t totally pink. Harumph. They are very glittery and she’s VERY pleased with them and herself.

We actually went into town to peer at our various bank balances and do a little shuffling to stave off penury. I had to avoid the eye of every living person in my bank as I know any personal interaction will result in me being whisked off to a back room for a “review” – ie they’ve clocked I no longer have a salary but have the same ginormous overdraft… 

Whilst in town we did a bit of pleasurable mooching which included foot measuring (both have gone up a size, what have I bred..yeti’s?) CD perusing for S and for me half an hour in the new wool shop that has opened by the cathedral – MiJu Wools which is deliciously wooltastic. I bought a new crochet hook (because that’ll make all the difference) and some scrumptious wool. Hope it gets enough trade to stay. Shops round there seem to come and go very fast.

We then spent a happy hour wandering around the cathedral following Zeph around a half term trail. His clipboard came with a torch, binoculars, magnifying glass and a compass and made us look at lots of bits we’d normally rush past. Though we still don’t know why it’s currently purple by night… It struck me in the V&A mediveal bits how lovely our cathedral is and how lots of whiling away rainy half hours have dulled our eyes to its beauty. So it is, resoundingly, todays BT.

..Along with the bag of Chocolate Limes Steve bought on the way home. I think it’s been too long, my last taste would have been when I was about ten. Am longing for some cola cubes now. Mmmmmm – the nostalgic power of sweets.


2 responses to “New shoes, old stones and sweets.

  1. new wool shop????? where? how can i have not known!!!! SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!
    and crochet hooks do make a difference. I have a very expensive ergonomic one that i luuuurrvveeeeeee and make everything with

    • ah – I feel hopeful then – just knitting up the lovely wool I splurged on at the moment. It’s a lovely shop – the woman was really chatty and enthusiastic – she’s hoping to get lots more kinds of wools in…

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