Dry toast or no dry toast?

Oh I’m sick, I’m sick. Basically my body has decided my stomach lining is a foreign object and is swelling to get rid of it. I’ve given my internal organs a severe talking to but it doesn’t seem to make any difference so am reduced to feebly dozing in bed, surfing waves of pain, cursing H.A.E and listening to the chaos ensuing downstairs.

The silver I struggle for today are; thank god it doesn’t happen very often and Steve is on holiday so I don’t have to let the kids fend for themselves in the general chaos of downstairs like feral dogs.

Although when I staggered down just now it does rather look like that’s what has happened. “They’re quite hard work all day aren’t they?” Hmmm. Indeed.

Anyway – Bless him and his efforts… and the glasses of fruit juice he kept bringing unprompted. Of course I don’t want to drink them as I’ll be instantly sick and so they have stacked up by the bed. I am sustained and comforted by the thought. That’s more than enough.

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