The ice is drip dripping away. Mostly sped on its way with a daytrip to Bristol Zoo. Z has an in-service day tagged on to the end of half term so we skipped grey gloucester on the train for a day at the zoo.

As you may gather – we love zoos. I’m willing to listen to arguments about them being irrelevant remnants from a Victorian age and may have swayed nearer that way before meeting S. He thinks they’re the flashy tip of a collected scientific endeavor to conserve, convert and educate. He was a zoologist. I think he’s biased…

Anyway we’re members of Bristol Zoo and hence wring every penny’s worth from our free entry. Today was a great day skidding past all the usual suspects, saying hello to the two new lion cubs – first successful breeding of the critically endangered Asiatic lion for the zoo – and a look at the new meerkat environment – it’s good – there’s a brand new baby meerkat too – like a tiny pink rat. Ida is enchanted.

The longest time was spent in the bug house. There’s a new mantis and the jewel wasps have a new tank. All have to be examined in minute detail and discussed. Luckily S has more expertise and patience in this field than me. I like stuff but mainly because they’re pretty – my favourites are the love beetles… “quite shallow mum”  Indeed. Indeed. 

Here’s my reprobates pretending to be otters begging for fish which scared the bejezzus out of some passing people. One of my best BT’s today. That or Ida’s telling off of the woman behind us who announced really loudly that all the rats we were looking at should be killed – “bad! bad! lovely ratses!” finishing by slobbering kisses all over the glass. You should have seen the look she gave us unkempt lot as she edged her fastidious way past and teetered down the steps to safety.


One response to “Brizzle

  1. Must visit the zoo again soon. It’s soo lovely there. Good skills Ida defending the rats. I’ll bring fish for the little otters next time I visit. X

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