Bricks and a cruising confusion.

Gah – another grey day. Other people confirm it’s outside as well as within and I’m not just stumbling around with grey tinted glasses. I think it’s time for a stern self talking to and a few domestic tasks to get me into the swing of it all. My sink, my life, need shining. I could do with clearing some junk out or washing some mould away.

Back to school today and a welcome return to some routine although S is off ’til Sunday so there’s still a holiday feeling. For some of us at least. Am wondering now if Steve’s brief flashes of happiness have given my subconscious permission to turn the dial to misery. If this is the case I definitely need a talking to. It isn’t compulsory to have a crazy in the house. We can in fact both be upbeat at the same point in time.

I resolve to spend some time hacking up Buddleia tomorrow, green bin collection this week and I resolved to fill it every week. My darling G’ma called yesterday to say her neighbour has some bricks she doesn’t want and another neighbour will drop them round between his cruises.


“oh proper ones darling – on big boats – not round the heath”

Christ – that wasn’t what I was thinking at all! 

I am disproportionately pleased about the bricks and plan what I could build. My horrible concrete desert of a front patch could have a proper raised bed by the wall instead of a line of battered plastic boxes and old crates. Or I could build an outdoor cooking thing/ fire pit. Or a fountain. Or ..Steve dampeningly points out I should wait to see how many bricks there are. Bah.

I hanker after an arabic courtyard style water thingabobby. Tiled with a spot of bubbling water – and a goldfish. I suspect this will be beyond my feeble DIY abilities as it will certainly involve electricity and the like. Probably should concentrate on covering the mud wallow with some paving. Bah again.

If I cleared out the space that we laughingly call a conservatory, although it’s clear at any kind of glance it is in fact a dumping ground, then I could maybe sow some seeds. This is a very cheering thought.

I shall go and look at new piles of things that need new homes. Many of them are left over from the mouldy cupboard cull which still isn’t fully completed. Hmmm.

BT’s today are small but still there. After a few days non eating I stand in front of the fridge and find a bit of feta cheese. I eat it out of the packet alternating with a leftover slightly overripe tomato. It’s pleasingly salty and acidic in turns. Afterwards I drink a glass of cold tap water. It makes me look forward to summer and basil growing in the garden. This small enjoyment set against the grey seems extra vivid. Jewel like – I hoard it.


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