Lines left by slugs and others.

Today started with finding a very distressed Z in the kitchen. He’d been doing the slug dance, (did I mention our very damp mouldy house is overrun by slugs in the dark hours, night wandering has to be done with caution) and had, due to a miscalculation in the savage stamping and head shaking – rain dance style, stomped on said slug.

An unpleasant end for the slug…and the dance. We arrived downstairs ready to do toast etc and found Zeph wailing about the state of his socks and the sad end of said mollusc. (this description is taken under advice from the house zoologist. Apparently slugs DO have shells. They are very small and internalised. Who knew.)

Good start.

Actually a better day all round although not much gardening has been done. Our bulbs are all looking very exciting and promising which is very cheering and I’ve had a small bonfire.


This unexciting looking bud is actually the reemergence of my beautiful overblown peony. It was in the garden when we moved here although not where I wanted it and I moved it against all advice which it didn’t give a fig about. It’s so incredibly luscious and short-lived. Can’t wait.

 Ida has realised a long-held ambition to use a ruler. She started by very reasonably covering a sheet of paper in an extremely concentrated way. I should have spied trouble coming as  I have just found lines all over the hall walls. Lucky I’m stripping them. (it’s a WIP people, you can’t hurry wall prep..)

After refusing to ever wear a hat she has now decided that her daily outfit is not complete without one. This number gives her an air of a trustafarian it girl doing an internship at a left field publishers. Or maybe, with the addition of a whistle, on her way to  a rave.         Remember them?


3 responses to “Lines left by slugs and others.

  1. Wonderful photos. My bulbs are starting to look all green too, all springy and fresh.

  2. I knew slugs have shells, do I get a point? Loving the hat. Found the new shop and they want me to do crochet tutorials! YEY!! Just used some of their felting yarn to make a little purse.

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