Fear of complications.

I wish I could knit more than just scarves. I mean I like scarves and in our house they’re de rigour for most of the year due to the perpetual draught and heady British climate.

It’s just when I succumb to an irresistable ball of wool I wish I could be brave enough to;

  1.  buy more than one ball and
  2.  overcome my unreasonable fear of patterns.

It’s the counting – it seems so daunting. Also the fact that a quick glance at the instructions reveals they seem to be written by a moonlighting cryptic crossword compiler. My clever sister has recommended I get a kids book and give something like a hat a go. Anything really that breaks the rectangle mould. She’s probably feeling a bit worried about next christmas’ offerings.

On a more positive note, today I bought a wool skirt in a charity shop. It’s a burnished burnt orange colour and I thought I might applique/embroider/ felt some birds..or flowering vine..or butterflies around the hem. As you can see I’m still musing but quite excited about project and the addition of some clothing to my meagre wardrobe..see here..all for the princely sum of a pound. 

Get me – big spender.

 Going to hit the childrens section in the library next week in search of yarny advice.

Maybe they also have a ladybird book on crochet? Something like this…


3 responses to “Fear of complications.

  1. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to knit Christmas stockings for all of us. After several weeks I had something that I thought might resemble a stocking, until I reached the heel, which I found to be completely beyond me. I did finish it but it ended up looking rather shapeless and the boys both said they preferred their cheap shop bought ones instead. I only knitted one, but I get it out faithfully every year.

    • Don’t you just love the straight forward honesty of boys! When I was talking about knitting actual jumpers Z said to me in sudden alarm, but not for me though mum? I think he’s pretty safe – I’m filled with admiration about even attempting a sock.

  2. Hey you…don’t be afraid of patterns! AND the secret to socks is double pointed needles or you could just learn to crochet them…it’s easier.

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