I’ve just spent half an hour picking skin off Sticky’s toes. Well the ones he has left. He’s not very good at getting the last bits off which results in horrible glove toe where the dried skin tightens around the poor digit which then falls off or gets nibbled off… you can’t make me feel more guilty then I already do.

Thank god the kids toes don’t fall off when I leave it a bit long between nail clippings. Which I inevitably do – how quickly do kids nails grow? When Zeph pores over his Guinness Book of Records being wistful this is the one area I feel he could really stand a chance in. I used to have to cut his nails in his sleep he hated it so much which always made me really tearful and trembly. I was terrified he’d wake up and NEVER trust me again. Ida is a lot more co-operative but also VERY controlling as she’ll only submit if I cut them in the order she dictates. Seems to take a lot longer this way and often a talon slips the net.

Sticky did not enjoy his mani/pedi. He glares at me balefully and plans cold reptile revenge. Like a jack russell with delusions of grandeur he thinks he could eat me given half the chance. He recovers in the safety of Steve’s hands and poses loftily for a couple of pictures.

Of course Steve’s hands are the safe ones because it’s always me who gets to be the mean one. The one who picks out splinters, pins them down for the inoculations, imobilises them for the X-ray. (that’s the kids, not the gecko)

Sticky is a leopard gecko, misnamed by Z who didn’t realise as a desert gecko he had little claws instead of pads. We did try to rename him but Sticky had stuck.

Z saved up for him and his tank. He’s always been hugely interested in lizards and begged and begged for one. I agreed he could if he saved his own pocket and birthday money to pay for it. You could have knocked me down with feather or bit of discarded lizard skin when he actually did. He is an incredibly conscientious gecko keeper which makes me proud. Also makes me cautious about agreeing to his next request.

Awww – look at them, just babies….

Ida loves him too; Laura Parsonsand she’s really gentle with him. Although Zeph is always quick to point out he belongs to him, and will be going to university with him. Only if I’ve won the lottery by then love.

Lots of BT’s today – kids and gecko’s galore. Also there is talk of a cup of tea and some biscuits… *looks hopefully in Steve’s direction*


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