perfect pan circles

Happy international womans day people – HUZZAH ! Hurray whoop….whoop?


Well Softer Gloucester made me smile with a bit of lovely crochet. Although it was passer-by bemusement that really made me chuckle. How have I celebrated I ask myself? Umm, making pancakes? I did a bit of cleaning….. I feel ashamed.

Actually that’s a lie – I had a great day. Ida and I hit town after a spin round the supermarket picking up pancake toppings. We shared a sandwich in the graveyard (which is a very pretty restored place full of benches and lovely casual planting including drifts of what I suspect are “minnow” narcissus) (just want to make it clear that I’m not hanging out à la gothgirl in the local cemetary)

Ida spent a lot of time picking up bits of gravel and making a perfect circle on the bench next to me. I have no idea what her selection criteria was but it was very exacting. We had a quick chat where I introduced the idea it might be a circle. Apparently it’s not – it’s a “round’n’round” and the look she gave me could have slain gorgons. We wandered down to the library for baby songtime where Ida actually sang. Twinkle Twinkle and Wind the Bobbin up. When she joined in the woman leading it was so taken aback she stopped singing. We’ve gone since Ida was tiny and usually she sits with crossed arms scowling around at everyone. Occasionally she’ll take against someone and actually shush! them much to my embarrassment and all the other parents amusement. I kept persevering because she’d sing all the way home and perform  the actions at bedtime or in the bath for Daddy, Zephzie, G’ma – basically anyone ready to listen. So I reasoned she was getting something from the tortuous half hours. Today my faith was vindicated although she did get het up when they insisted on speeding up heads, shoulders knees and toes. It takes her a while to get going on the actions so she was livid to find us at the end of the song while her hands were on her shoulders.

I agree – why all the rush? Dear Ida – today I decided you deserve the world. I hope by the time you’re my age, celebrating this noteworthy day, it’s a fairer one. I also hope you have a brilliant pancake party like we all did this afternoon.

Todays BT, seven children left to top their pancakes as they please. Uh oh.


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  1. thanks for the link xxxxxx

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