Just had a whirlwind visit from my lovely M&D. They had a jaunt to Cardiff at the weekend and had picked up lot of bits and bobs for us. Also we’ve relieved them of one of their hoarded useful things.

This is the mattress from my childhood bed. I last slept on it when I was..hmmm…maybe sixteen. They’ve held on to it since then, for when it comes in handy. Now it has, as a stopgap between now and the big bunk bed project this summer.

Once again I’m torn between exasperation and gratitude. (In fact this covers a lot of familyness eh?) I mean, it’s not been tucked away somewhere, they’ve been squeezing past it on the landing/kitchen doorway/behind the front door for nigh on twenty years.

Taking a new decluttering route I’ve been bigging up freegle which is right up their street. It will mean getting a computer though. The wheels move slowly.

They also bore gifts of a striped nature, clothes for the kids:

Isn’t this striped dress just yummy? Stripes on my kids, and in fact in general make me feel weak at the knees. After a few cute bunnies mishaps my Mum has finally honed in on this fact – Huzzah! And thank god for her clothing gifts otherwise they’d be in rags. Tight ones. My dad contributed a sack of onions, anxious about our financial situation he’s clearly resolved not to cross our threshold without some kind of edible offering and again – thank Ganesh for that. Onion soup tomorrow for tea…

He also brought an empty tin – I love tins – I fill them with buttons, sparkly bits, Lego etc but I’m not sure about this one;

I feel unsettled by the bearded child stealer. The beard also seems very familiar. I’ve had to make Steve promise to NEVER wear a red pointed cap. Perhaps I could fill it with biscuits and pass it forward as a gift.

This is one of those very odd domestic detail posts without any thoughts. This doesn’t mean I haven’t had any – just that they were elusive. Some of them are along the lines of this, following on from yesterdays thinking and my friend Erika’s posting on FB. I am amused that the TSB Lloyds bank on Southgate St has been replaced by a Ladbrookes. Also I don’t think it’s ever too early to talk about sex with children. In an age appropriate, sensitive way, but not just about the biological mechanics but about love and respect and emotions. It should be part of every school day like literacy and numeracy. Emotional intelligence. Never too early. Also I wonder how long is a long scarf? This long?:

I think it could be longer. I’ll keep knitting.


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