Yarn Guru

Today an angel knocked on my door to show me how to crochet. It was a brilliant surprise on a grey day. I was on my way upstairs with a tube of No Nails in an attempt to mend Z’s bed. Just enough to tide us over to the Summer of the Bunks. Which in a feat of serendipitous synchronicity my Angel is also planning. We shall swap bunk bed tips. My first one after seeing the state of this bed is to make damn sure they’re sturdy.

Anyway after a great deal of gentle coaxing and encouragement I have crocheted the beginning of  a granny square. Well kind of. Without her help the next square has spiraled crazily into a strange inverted shape. It may make a dolls hat. I don’t mind as I’m just practising the two stitches she showed me and practising with the hook. I am ridiculously happy, out of any sort of proportion. Her constant repeating of the reassuring phrase, “There aren’t any crochet police”, has relieved my fears of the door being smashed down every time I mysteriously manage to go backwards.

In my head I am planning slippers, bunting, bags, cushions, blankets – all sorts. I will happily daydream while carrying on with the strange thing and the longest scarf in the world in turns.

Abounding in BT’s, retrieving all the pictures books while tidying Zeph’s room meant we spent the afternoon on the sofa reading all our favourites to Ida. Just joyful book sharing. She is particularly taken with Handa’s Surprise, Some dogs Do and The Night Kitchen. Can’t wait to write about them on my book page. She went to bed clutching Handa’s Surprise, I hope she’s dreaming of walking through this batik bright landscape, hearing the whirr and buzz of all the insects and petting the animals.

I cut the christmas tree up and filled the green bin for tomorrows collection. Yes I know, but better late than never surely?

Made sure we all have clean PJ’s for a weekend at Alice’s, really looking forward to a bit of concentrated sister hanging out. Also pretty sure she’ll be able to help me with the crochet. Feeling a bit worried about taking the kids ice skating. Make a mental note to wear lots of leg and arse layers.

Didn’t get jammed in the big MRI scanner thing. Always a relief.


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