Was this a good idea?

There’s a look that my sister and I recognise instantly when we exchange agonised glances and it’s usually when, maybe, we haven’t thought things all the way through.

There was the time we set off a chinese wish lantern next to our caravan in a Haven site at the end of a ‘Sun holiday’. It was dark and gin may have been consumed. “It’ll be fine”  we said, not wanting to disappoint Zeph. “It’ll fly straight up and away”. Or it’ll jump up three metres then drift and land, heavily aflame on next doors caravan and then you’ll realise you sent a burning torch out into a field full of boxes full of pressurised incredibly flammable gasses and liquids. You will have to run out into the night with your damp beach towels to put out the fire. Quietly.

Zeph, (in the purple jeans) skating: away from the wall!

Yesterday, while half way round the skating rink, holding up your two-year old Bambi impressionist, constantly jostled by 10 yr old children mysteriously dressed as working girls, conscious of your son saying behind you, “are you allowed to break dance?” this memory will flame past your inner eye. The recent advice of your consultant telling you on no account to break another brittle misshapen bone will flash through your head. You will think; why exactly did I think this would be a good idea?


Looking up you’ll catch the eye of your longsuffering sister and will gauge she is torn between not wanting to let go of the wall and land on her arse and reluctance to touch the wall with her bare hand. Why is everything sticky?

We didn’t think this one fully through did we Alice?


Zeph and Ida had a great time. If I have to return the favour and take Ali’s future offspring it’ll make just twice this century. Seems like enough.

We spent the afternoon in the relative safety of Bristol exploratory museum. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Ida and Zeph both had an amazing time. There’s loads of space between exhibits and a great variety of experiments to try. Zeph and I loved the animation stations and made this one;


I want one at home so I can animate all messages out to the real world.


Making sweet music on the BIGpipes. It was a brilliant weekend, hanging out with Alice and Jody, being silly. Feel really bad for Steve who we abandoned to a working weekend and toast for tea. We brought him an ice-cube tray you can make ice pieces in the shape of a T-Rex fossil. I think he liked it.

Squillions of BT’s despite massive sadness at the footage of poor battered Japan. My best one was holding Ida on my lap on the train home having a lovely sing-song including a very s l o w  heads,shoulders etc.


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