A workout.

 Oh I need to see the beautiful things today. I think my muscle needs strengthening.

Reading at bedtime. We go up early as Ida is snuffily and cross. Which leaves plenty of time for a few books. We go very slowly poring over the pictures. When they’re over we have to lie back and pretend to snore. Ida sounds like a hedgehog, we both giggle. She goes to bed with her goat hand puppet that sings, “High on the hill was a lonely goatherd”. I hear yodelling as I walk away down the corridor.

 I have a bowl of leftover curry for tea. The night and day in the fridge has just made it more delicous. It is sweet, hot and sour. I savour the tamarind and coconut sauce.

 I like the zoo left upstairs. The vast collections of stuffed animals are carefully placed around. Peering out of nooks and crannies. It would be a pretty amazing zoo.

 Knitting is very soothing. Placing one stitch after another. As you concentrate on just one more you don’t notice how much you’ve done. I think how this is a good plan for the next few days.

 I’m going swimming tomorrow. My friend will, amazingly, have Ida for an hour. I can’t wait to be alone. I know it’s in a pool packed full of (frankly) crazy women but I will feel alone slicing (ha!) through the water. I like how the echoes drown the shouting in your head until you feel peaceful. It feels like ages since I’ve been.

 Today is Martha’s birthday. She looks very beautiful dressed up with earrings and makeup. The kids tumble about shouting and playing. We drink tea and chat. I feel slightly disconnected but glad they’re there. I love how Ida tumbles about hugging  and ordering them about in turn. The daffodils are out in the garden, they might be the yellowest things I’ve ever seen.


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