Jerk Chicken and mango salsa

We’re cooking Zeph’s homework for tea. I’ve not cracked, I mean we’re cooking the Jamaican Feast he lovingly described and wrote out recipes for. We have to listen to the reggae music he’s picked out while we eat. I’m either raising a natural futurist chef or a party planner. I’m not sure which worries me more. So as I’m tired of the sound of my whining on recent posts I thought I’d do the recipes. Well, what passes for recipes here…

First off the block; Plantains.

The one at the front is a banana, the ones behind are plantains. They are ripe when the skin is completely black and looks as though it’s about to rot.

You can cook and eat them unripe though. Always cook plantain. As my mate Des’s Nan used to say, “if you bite into it it’ll hurt your teeth then your bum.” ie It’s like biting into the greenest banana you can imagine.

and if you do manage to swallow it you’ll have the worst upset stomach ever. I’m willing to accept this wisdom although not the thing about polyester being the king of fabrics. This is how Bella taught me to do plantains. I realise it may seem a little patronising detailing how to peel them. You may all know, I didn’t though and would have appreciated a heads up. You don’t peel

them like bananas. I top and tail them then score them three times and peel off the skin, side-to-side not top-to-bottom. Then cut them on the diagonal. Fry until golden and speckled with brown and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve as the carb element of your meal. They’re lovely. You can steam, roast, bake and mash them. Just make sure you cook them.

Now – the mango salsa, I’m going to make the pics smaller or you’ll get scrollers cramp in your finger… 

Basically, chop and mix; red onion, mango, tomatoes, clove of garlic, chopped coriander. Add a pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, dash of olive oil and vinegar and a squeeze of lime if you have it.  

Using the time-honoured “hedgehog” mango handling system here.  

Ta da!!! Mango Salsa. Very yummy it was too. Sadly my camera is out of batteries and the Jerk Chicken pictures are in it.

Eating the feast and then hurriedly icing a million last-minute  cupcakes for tomorrows (forgotten) cake sale has eaten into both the evening and my meagre stock of will.

I also have to finish sewing three alien tentacles to  a t-shirt before bed.

My life is so glamorous I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ll be back with some chicken very soon…


2 responses to “Jerk Chicken and mango salsa

  1. I love your mango salsa. it’s so delicious!

  2. It looks amazing. What a great mother you are xxxx

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