Bounty, bats and aliens.

I had another surprise visitor yesterday my lovely friend Hattie *wave* She arrived like Santa with – get this – SLABS!!! for my swamp-outside-the-backdoor. Buddha rain down beatitudes on her head. Am very excited at the prospect of a little paved patch and maybe a table to eat breakfast on… dream dream.

Not content with this bounty she also had two stuffed plastic bags. One full of wool and one with the most lovely lot of material bits. Whoop. She does have the most covetable fabric stash.

When we asked her to stay for tea she produced a bag of pudding AS WELL.

I may be loopy, permanently in my overdraft and live amidst mould but I am super rich in friends. She did get slightly overwhelmed by the kids vying for attention and book reading but it was a brilliant evening.

When Steve got home he rushed us all into the garden to watch a solitary bat swooping around the dimming sky in a frenzied gnat collection ariel display. It made me feel like summer is just around the corner as this is what we like to do on balmy evenings when the kids are in bed, possibly with a beverage…

The afternoon had been beautifully sunny. Ida and I went for lunch with G’ma and she decreed it was warm enough for ouzo in the garden instead of our usual aperitif of gin and tonic. She picked a couple of camellia buds for me

which cheered me immensely on the way home, smiling up from the top of the pushchair. I also saw this gorgeous tree which looked like it should be in a beautiful japanese silk painting:

 and generally had a much happier day abounding with beautiful things. Including an alien in his pj’s.

This is him setting off happily this morning. Those are tentacles if you were wondering, ready to wave menacingly at any poor person crossing his path. Of course Ida had to be included in the facepainting which led to this conversation in the slightly hooky reconditioned PC shop at the end of the road when I was buying a new (ish) monitor.

Man: “Do you always paint a third eye on your baby?”

Me, flustered : “um, no – it’s comic relief and her brother dressed as an alien and she didn’t want to be left out” I trail off and we both look down at Ida who is scowling attractively at us..

Man: completely deadpan ” Without him she just looks sinister.”

Me: yawning silence. Even in my role as completely loyal tiger mummy I have to admit she does. Hmmm.

I think he’s either slightly autistic or a comedy genius. When we went in he asked what I wanted and I said, “the cheapest thing that’ll tide us over for a bit” and he said, “Oh good – that’s what we specialize in” again – deadpan.

Made my day, better than a cabaret AND I can surf the net again. I’m off now to see how much sand is – what are chances of me convincing Steve DIY is a good way to spend his weekend off?


One response to “Bounty, bats and aliens.

  1. I feel all teary eyed with happiness now. I had such a lovely time. Zeph looks amazing in his costume, and Ida looks great too, in a doctor who sort of way. Can’t wait to sit on the patio looking at all the crochet and patchwork.

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