Dinner delivery and flowers

It’s a good day, I’m buoyed by a happy (non sewing – oops) sewing club. I have successfully fought my corner over expensive wool – who can resist the stripes?  and the kids seem exhausted from lots of bouncing.

I treated myself to some cheap irises from the supermarket and they make me feel ridiculously happy. Today they are my favourite flowers.

Zeph is constantly wanting us to compile top five lists of things on the way home. Our favourite books, food, films. animal etc etc. I find this all very trying as it’s almost too painful to commit ( committing not being a top skill of mine, now being committed – whole other story) I get round it by saying – TODAY my favourites are…

Just so lovely – really sculptural – and the petals are like scrumpled silk tissue paper.

There is the most enormous spider living in the sandpit. Ida is totally unbothered by  it and I try to be rational and not recoil when it runs over my hand while I’m trying to put the cover back on. I’ve left it for Steve, and not mentioned the spider at all. Cowardly. Just my style.

This is what happens when seven hungry children get hold of a cantaloupe. It went down as quickly as fairy cakes. I resolve to be more fruity.. (I hope everyone has noted my restraint re carry on style oohs) (it doesn’t count if it’s in brackets) (natch) (although I don’t actually know what “natch” means – I’m just not hip enough)


Todays top BT, arriving home to find a box of chirping crickets on the doorstep. I tell Ida they’re for Sticky and she rushes into the house to show them to him. He pokes his head out from his burrow in genuine interest.


2 responses to “Dinner delivery and flowers

  1. Osiris is also in a stage where he knows exactly which is his 5th favorite food, Pokemon, day of the year, type of pasta, colour etc I feel very old and a very bad mum when i tell him I really don’t have a favorite ……anything….

  2. I find I’ve zoned out a lot in the constant narrative stream on the way home. He finds it very irritating – ha! I’m def a bad mum on the attention spans. Sometimes he does a little quiz to see how well I’ve listened…

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