Buttons and bad bobbins.

It was Steve’s day off today so I thought we could all go to singing and he could see the miracle that is Ida participating in song.


Not only did she refuse to sing, she was pretty determined to stop everyone else. Also she had VERY strong feelings about the rattle distribution. I was actually sweating by the time the session was over.

Steve found it all very amusing. It was like the period a few months ago when Ida still wasn’t talking and I was starting to feel a bit anxious about it. She would utter a distinct sensible word in the proper context a few times and Steve would arrive home and I’d excitedly present her to perform and she would perform. Her  TOTALLY silent, limpid eyed, finger sucking special.

“I’m not making it up!”

“No, no – I’m sure you’re not…” (soothe the crazy woman, soothe her)

Oh how I remember those quiet days… can’t believe I was ever worried about her language acquisition.

My BT’s today include my daughter hastily cramming a strawberry whoopie pie into her mouth just in case she was forced to share. Picking through my button box with Zeph and Pixie. Some of the buttons are from my Nannies button box. I can remember her telling me about a set that have pheasants hand painted on to them. She’d had them from her Grannies box which means they’re easily over a hundred years old.  We all oooh at them in awe. They pick some others for the centre of their flower badges.


I finally finished sewing the patchwork pieces together for the picnic blanket we’ve been making in sewing club. I am especially happy about the appropriate use of my sushi print cotton. I’ve seen some polka dot oil cloth fabric that I think would work well as backing. Just got to start work on the bunting next and we’ll be a proper travelling sideshow. I am deeply pleased.


One response to “Buttons and bad bobbins.

  1. Ooooo buttons, I love them but my Dad has a phobia would you believe so they had to be secretly adored away from him. A guilty pleasure I still have. The quilt looks gorgeous and picnic perfect!

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