I’m seeing stars

I am bone tired. It’s been a busy day hoicking out a tree stump in my G’mas garden. Lovely to catch up with my aunt who lavish’s attention on Ida. We are even treated to a bit of singing over our pre lunch gin and tonics. A few rounds of wind the bobbin up passes the time nicely.

Neither of my children respond well to questioning. When you’re reading a book don’t try to engage them with a stream of questions. You’ll only get a disdainful look. Apparently, as I found in my linguistic anxiety reading, this is common. If you ask questions like; who is this? about something that’s perfectly obvious, that you have named before, you induce anxiety and distrust. What you have to do is aimless commentary that they can chime in with. I have a natural aptitude for it (as you see…)

Alex definitely doesn’t have the knack. Ida has perfected a contemptuous gallic one shouldered shrug today. Like she needed a new way to dis me.

It’s late, I’m making strips to wrap around crackers for a big school party to celebrate their 25th year. I’ve nearly done 100. Just 300 more to go. There’s glitter glue everywhere and I have a dreadful headache and a yearning for bed. I also need to see the end of Law and Order SVU. Why is trashy TV so compelling? I’m warning all you hippie M&D’s – this is what happens when you deprive a child of TV, they never develop a resistance…

Right, time to cut out more gold stars…


One response to “I’m seeing stars

  1. my feelings about sweets are like your on tv. banning all sweets and tv is setting your child up to be an adult who can never get enough of these things. also computer games, fizzy drinks, and all the other stuff middle class hippie mums make me feel bad about for giving my kids.
    p s tv as a babysitter? Well until i get a cleaner, cook or nanny then yes.
    oh might need to put my high horse back in it’s stable

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