I’m crackers

Oh Shiva,Kali,Jehovah, Isis, Gitche-Manitou help me now. There are a million crackers to make – well that’s what it feels like. Steve is right, I should have been plainer and quicker but now I’ve done some they all have to be the same. Or it won’t be fair.

I’ve got glue stick finger.

We got back late after a roast dinner at G’mas. Ida didn’t even wake up while I undressed and redressed her. She’s been playing swingball with Ip (uncle philip) and her brother. There has been much squealing and running about. Alex has knitted her the most beautiful cardigan. I’ll take a photo once I’m over the cracker hurdle. She tried to explain how to do sleeves but I zoned out. She has a bit of lovely wool over and offers to do a simple tank top. “Oooh – don’t you dare,” I say, indignant. “that’ll show up my shabby effort!”  

The glitter glue is calling…


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