Roses, bunting and bats

It’s a good way to start the day, arranging gorgeous roses and lilies in your favourite jug. Even lovelier to see the bunch walking into the kitchen apparently by itself as Ida was totally hidden behind it. She was beamingly pleased with herself.

As was I as I’d finished the flower basket bunting for my lovely Mum.  The sun shone on the  way to drop it off along with some cards and some bubbly things. Zeph and I drew the wrapping paper and he was incensed by my actual folding and wrapping and carefully supervised the placing of sellotape.

We sat in the sun at mums and chatted to the girl next door about her new worm pet. Closer inspection reveals it’s quite flat and dryly dead. “I fink he’s sleeping.” she says in all three-year old seriousness. She makes him a bed out of a dandelion. Ida squatting on our side of the fence nods approvingly. She shares her biscuits and has to be firmly persuaded to leave. We buy two stems of blossom twigs on the way home for the Easter tree. I feel like we’re slightly drowning under WIP’s at the moment. The most pressing of which are those damned…do I even need to type the word? Here’s the feeble amount I’ve actually done…


Zeph asked about Zombies this morning. He’s doing myths at school at the moment and I’m not sure whether this has prompted the intense zombie discussion over breakfast or if we’re drifting into more death obsession. Steve shrugs helplessly. We resolve to wait and see and pay attention. Four specific death enquiries this week.

Lot’s of beautiful things today. The garden is full of ladybirds, bees and hoverflies. At twilight the annoying patch of gnats appears near the back door. I easily forgive them as the flittering bat puts in an appearance on the hunt for breakfast.


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