Foxy, foxy

Look, look, look – the most amazing thing ;

I am sick and dizzy with joy. Zeph and I just went to see this at Cheltenham Everyman and got home very late for a school night. I refuse to feel guilty though as he hasn’t stopped talking about it ALL the way home. I loved it too.

The man behind me was a little disturbing though – in the interval he gave his son a maths quiz. I’m reminded of a man who used to come into the kids section at work and buy educational work books. He used to joke about how he was teaching his (under ten) boys the periodic table. “Oh yes, they don’t eat til they get it right ” he joked…I hope.

Zeph knew all the answers, luckily he only mouthed them. We were having a “what I liked best” conversation which Mr Pushy latched onto and tried to launch a group discussion on the characterisation of the foxes, thankfully the lights went down before I was forced to smother him with his own blazer. Although I can’t believe it’ll be long before his wife snaps – “Mummy, where are the baby wipes?, Mummy where are the key notes?, Mummy – where are the quiz cards?”

At the end he was jovially asking his son whether a hedgehog and a porcupine could actually mate and when met with blank disdain started digging Z in the ribs – “well young man what do you think?”

“For a start the size difference would be insurmountable” is what he got in reply. Where on earth did Zeph get insurmountable from? It also made me giggly because of mountable. I know – honestly, I’m sooo childish.

I decided it was a great parting shot and we swept off. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure he heard the piercing “does that man not know this is art and not a documentary?” Ah well.

On the bus journey home, listening to Z jabbering about; the set, costumes, opera, how much a gold harp will cost, whether it sounds different to a wooden one, whether there are more musicians than singers in a touring opera company, who is more important, what the difference between musicals and opera is, why the moles hands weren’t big enough, whether dancing is just physically translating sound waves, why burger king is better than the big M, why music makes you feel sad or happy, – I thought about how much I like planting seeds.

This has to be the pay off for all the other harder parenting stuff doesn’t it? I feel like we did something right tonight.


3 responses to “Foxy, foxy

  1. I absolutely love the film, we have it on DVD and it gets watched a lot. Would love to see the satge play though, will have to check out if it is touring. What lovely conversations on the way home. I love theatre, I’m trying to encourage my two to love it too.

    • I know – It’s so hard not to oversell it (like the guy behind us.) Actually they’re so open to stuff when they’re small aren’t they? I was worried it would be a bit full on and opera ish but he loved it. I spent quite a lot of time today trying to persuade him the piano is as good as a harp. It didn’t go well… We love the film too, the kids caper around wildly to the dancing at the end in the supermarket. Personally I think it could be the pinnacle of Clooneys career – I haven’t broken it to Zeph that the small, spitting misfit fox reminds me of him.

  2. What a lovely post. I laughed out loud at how the size difference would be insurmountable. I would have got the childish giggles at that too. Lovely.

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