Woodlouse whispering

Gah – my mood did not match the glorious weather today which was a shame, for me and everyone who has had to bear the brunt of my gloom.

Luckily my kids, though sympathetic, are impervious to moping and have had a great afternoon grubbing about in the garden. We planted out stuff, sprinkled seeds and watered the earth between the slabs trying to help it all settle but in reality just leaving muddy puddles.

I also made brownies with some “help”. Zeph was brisk – “I don’t know why a person would keep on sighing when they are melting chocolate which is the best thing ever.”

Beautiful things today;

Ida insists on kissing each clump of violas as we plant them. I think she thinks we’re tucking them in.

I catch her later holding a woodlouse very carefully in her hand and murmuring gently to it. “What are you saying to him darling?” “Stories..”

Zeph is pleased about the holidays and his pirate costume for the b’day party he’s going to tomorrow. When I go in for a goodnight kiss he’s laid out the costume carefully and is reading the programme from the fox show.

I’ve hung up the birthday bunting. I’m ambivalent but who can fail to find bunting cheerful?

I make resolutions. I congratulate myself on small things completed and accomplished. I watch the children sleeping. I am mean to Steve and he is kind. Tomorrow is a new day.


One response to “Woodlouse whispering

  1. Ida and her Woodlouse, perhaps a picture book in the making?

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