Green shoots

God I’m an ungrateful cow. My lovely family just went all out for a happy laid back gardenish day with lovely presents and loads of great food.

Dreading it you say? Honestly the self absorption of some people!

It was the most beautiful sunny day – I got some amazing yarn, a rotary cutter, a book on crochet I actually understand – and a GLUE GUN! seriously – whoop. Alice is a little concerned. “What the hell were you thinking Mum?” She’s remembering the time I nearly burnt the school down with the one in the art department. That was  a long time ago.

The garden is fertilely, greenly, soul warmingly GERT lush.

Our seeds are peeping through in a promising way;

Sweetpeas and courgettes…


and lupins!  Which were sneaked into  a shopping basket by Zeph. I don’t like lupins but as Zeph pointed out, several vociferous times, this is a family garden…

My darling family even oohed at my fancy slabwork. Even though I could see it physically pained my Dad. He arrived with enough biscuity partyware to keep us stocked until Beltane..and a sack of rice. Just in case.

Ida and I lay on the ground and tried to see where the clematis ends in the tree. We peered hopefully at the fat peony buds but I think it’ll be a while yet. There are rustling mysteries being whisked about the house and we’re going out for lunch tomorrow but I don’t know’s a surprise. The bathroom is clean as I felt shamed into scrubbing it which leaves me feeling virtuous and about to curl up with my new wool and the crochet book. A million wishes for beautiful things for you all blown out there like dandelion seeds.

One response to “Green shoots

  1. happy birthday lovely lady xxxxxxxxx

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