Eating out

The house is full of the soapy scent of white lilies. The roses from my mother’s day bunch are long gone but the lilies are gloriously open and wafting their distinct fairy liquid odour everywhere.

Steve and the kids took me out to lunch for my birthday today. There was much giggling and teasing as we set off in the morning sun. Hints of an all we could eat breakfast at Asda were followed by a protracted tease about a Cheltenham Happy Meal while we sat upstairs at the front of the bus, peering into gardens happily. After a bit of joyful shop mooching we arrived at my favourite Turkish restaurant, Grille Restaurant on Winchcombe Street.

 I love this place – I have only ever had delicious food – there are loads of amazing lamb dishes – its beautiful – the people are really friendly and laid back, we’ve eaten here when it’s been absolutely packed and when we’ve been the only people eating, the service is always friendly and the kids are always welcomed. I’ve sat and breastfed through a meal here lots of times and the last time I did it was packed and the waiter still found time to thoughtfully place a tall glass of water by my hand. “thirsty work” he said with a cheerful smile. In the winter they light a fire in here;

but today it was decked out in colourful easter finery;

We had a long leisurely lunch, the kids were impeccably behaved and ridiculously indulged by the lovely staff. We lingered over coffees, Steves favourite vice;


and emerged, blinking, into the startling sunshine. I love eating out with the kids. We can’t afford to do it loads, frankly that’s a good job, we’re lucky this place isn’t just down the road from us because we’d be here every night and completely bankrupt. Everyone’s up for trying new food, which is also one of the things I like most about Steve, particularly when I know he grew up in a home where the onion is outlawed and veg can only be cooked in a pressure cooker… 

Back home I was presented with my fabulous, thoughtful presents, two books of poetry I really wanted, this AMAZING cakestand, thanks to  a bit of jiggery-pokery between Steve and N, her mysterious “popping in” is explained – I had hoped but….

Eclairs anyone? Zeph extracts a promise to try making choux pastry in the holiday. The present they were really waiting for was;

“Share?…”  Ida insisted on giving the pusscat a kiss before it’s head was struck off. Her tenderheartedness didn’t stop her tucking into an ear with relish. I love all my beautiful things. Tomorrow doesn’t seem so bad.


2 responses to “Eating out

  1. One of my favourite restaurants too! They are always so welcoming and child friendly, and the food is delicious.

    Really enjoying your posts. You’re an inspiration. I’ve lost the plot with my blog at the moment. X

    • ah! I’m so glad you like it too! I really like recognising your landscape and vice versa. I loved your post about the Malverns- despite being outrageously unfit I love climbing hills – Steve regards it as torture though so it’s hard work even getting all of us to the foot of one – you’ve inspired me to just take Zeph (who’s always up for any kind of excursion) I hope we can still enjoy stuff together like you and your boys as he gets older. I was overwhelmed with your last targets update though! Bit daunting! I wondered, if it’s not too odd, if I could possibly sponsor you in your forty challenge? xx

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