Burnt into the retina of my mind’s eye today is the beauty of nearly emerged liquid green leaves against a grey looming rain cloud. The trees seemed to glow. It made me think of faerie glamour. I tried to capture it with my feeble camera but…

I had a brilliant morning in the park with some friends and my lovely pickles,

Steve brought home a box of cakes for my new stand, we all scramble to put them on, the strawberry whoopie pies barely make it past Idas eager hands.

We feel like the teacup at the top looks sad when it’s empty, a packet of mini party rings comes to the rescue.

It’ s hard to put into words how happy my cakestand makes me. I’m a total sucker for retro china and am unable to leave a pretty teacup on its own on a charity bric-a-brac shelf much to Steve’s annoyance. I also have a fatal weakness for cake stands. I had a blue glass one that was my Granny’s but it met with Zeph and a fatal accident last summer. I’m usually incredibly laid back about china smashage, after all it’s almost always my hands it’s slipped from but I genuinely shed tears over that one. So I am hugely satisfied with my gift. Granny would have loved it. Well actually she wouldn’t have as she was a magpie for new and shiny and modern but she’d have been glad I liked it.


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