Oh Goddess save me – it’s been a long day.

Last night was one of those memorable ones with children where you run out of bedclothes and blankets. Bleary eyed at 4.30 am you survey the pile of washing waiting for the morning and start making the cot up with towels and old winter coats. She woke up this morning on top of an old beach towel that is destined for the rag-bag and under an old parka that is waiting to be grown into by Zeph.

It was a long night.

She seemed full of beans, bouncing around, asking for breakfast. Luckily it was Steve’s day off so we tagged teamed getting dressed, getting the first (of bloody many) washes on and getting breakfast together.

In hindsight maybe I should have curtailed her hearty tucking in but my kids often do mysterious six-hour bugs so I wasn’t too concerned until she put her arms up for a cuddle five minutes after we’d cleared the table and was violently sick down my back.


To add insult to injury when I crouched to put her down she took a step back and wrinkled up her nose fastidiously “youse got sick in your hair Mumma” Hmmmm. Thanks for that heads up darling. Thanks.

I will never become accustomed to this stuff but luckily I have a Steve who gags at nothing. I left him on damage control as I headed for a shower.

We had a good day lolling around reading endless picture books. Ida is ridiculously affectionate when she’s poorly, bestowing lots of pats and kisses. She seemed to perk up an hour before bed as a squabble broke out over Z’s remote control rattlesnake that she is equally drawn to and terrified of. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a less eventful night.

I still have two loads of washing. The place looks like a chinese laundry with sheets draped everywhere. It would be the worst drying day all month….


One response to “bleurgh

  1. oh no! sending healing love xxxx

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