The windy city is mighty pretty…

My posts have been very small recently. That is, more a reflection of the immediate world around me and not the outer world at large and definitely not the spinning expanse inside my head.

This is mainly because I’m trudging  through gloom mire. I’m focusing a lot on breathing, getting by, seeing BT’s and handing out pat-on-the-backs for cooking hot food, conveying it to the table and washing. As in myself. It’s not the best sign that goals have shrunk so but still…

This periods black dog weight on my shoulders was joined today by Ida’s. Although not physically sick she’s under the weather, tearful and clingy which means the day’s business had to be conducted with her slung over my shoulder, sometimes asleep and sometimes not.

Not much got done – I have big plans for this holiday, in terms of finishing emptying the mouldy cupboards and a spot of bricklaying. Today I’m racking my brains for anything accomplished. Hmm. I have finished sewing the backing onto the patchwork picnic blanket we’ve made in sewing club. It looks lovely and as soon as I find the camera in the flotsam of clutter clogging up our lives I’ll post a picture.

Until then I’ve stolen this one from my clever sister’s Facebook page;

Argh – I’m loving my pirate boy and I’ve also lifted this one;

Which just goes to show it’s all about the eye behind the lens. She has a fine eye for a great picture my sister. Like knitting, composition comes easily to her. Luckily I’m old enough now to avoid insane jealousy. When we were little we shared an hours piano lesson where it quickly became clear Alice had a gift and I didn’t. It quickly descended into ten minutes of me mangling some scales and the teacher saying “Oh Alice, show her how it’s done…” very galling to my eleven yr old self. I would stride home too fast for her six yr old legs to keep up. She would trot behind me squeaking pitouesly..”oh please don’t be cross Laura!” ’til I’d relent and slow down. Sight reading still seems miraculous to me, I long to be musical… and cheerful. Doris Day maybe.


2 responses to “The windy city is mighty pretty…

  1. Beautiful bunting. My black dog sleeps on the sofa next to me on my days off making me reluctant to leave the house (it’s growly) or get up and do something constructive. It’s hard but I do try to walk it, even if it’s just to Tesco for something.

  2. Thanks for watching my vlog. Your comments made me laugh. I reLly enjoy reading about the every day details so keep going please even when it’s tough! I swing between being a domestic goddess and a complete sloth with no in-between. Today I am in sloth mode, so I am with you!

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