Fine future as rock legend double.

Looking through some recent pictures I was slightly disturbed by this;


Hmmm – remind you of anyone?

it’s true. There is an alarming resemblance to Iggy pop.

Ida is absolutely in the stripping off phase. You turn your back and a few moments later you hear the ominous ripping sound of a nappy being undone… It’s definitely worse in the warmer weather as she has less layers to circumnavigate. It happened today in Nandos – Steve was oblivious chatting away to Zeph and she’d followed me up to the counter. I was putting my pin number in when I heard the swoosh. By the time I’d finished the transaction and retrieved my card she was stark naked and giggling hysterically. Luckily most of the other customers were amused and the nappy was clean and dry. Practise has made me a VERY quick dresser. Where was Steve I wonder? Talking about neutrino‘s with Zeph. Very bloody helpful.

When I used to pick Zeph up from nursery they often wanted a “quick word.” Always made my heart sink, the most common was about talking to Zeph about keeping his clothes on, “because once he starts they all do it and then there’s chaos…” Steve’s favourite was the day Zeph sang them all his favourite song in circle time, ” about a gun…and the devil?” Ah yes, the Johnny Cash phase.

Happy times eh Steve, it’s all about JLS now and the damn Bieber.


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