We had the most idyllic day yesterday at Slimbridge – it’s somewhere I’ve yearned to take them but without a car it is nigh on impossible to get to. I think the number 12 bus diverts that way every second Sunday but you’d only get about twenty minutes there before having to catch the last bus home. Since it’s quite costly to get in you see my hesitation I’m sure.

It was ludicrously summery, apply sun-cream every half hour, I’m not prepared or dressed properly for this gorgeousness. I haven’t been here since I was in junior school and a member of the YOC (Young Ornithologist Club) and Ms Bryan used to bring us here to sit in a cold wet shed and look at ducks. It was just lakes and a couple of shacks then so I was really impressed with their lovely visitor centre and the imaginative  children’s play areas including a great water splash place.

To be honest – we didn’t look at that many birds. (when we got home Steve was disapproving)  It was so hot and it had been ages since we’d seen each other and it was luxuriously lovely to stretch out like lizards and talk while the kids climbed trees, played in the sand, attempted to herd ducks and scrambled around on a variety of brilliant play structures.

Once we’d finished the coffee and picnic we did manage to stumble past some exotic looking birds to the water play place where we spent the rest of the day doing the same while the kids got wet in the sunshine.

Is there anything better?

This is Ida perturbed by the goose who took a fancy to her tuna roll. “Go ‘way! Go ‘way!”


Was blissful to just let the children roam about a bit. Zeph in particular blossoms with a free rein. On the whole I’d probably always choose urban living but seeing his joy at heading off into a green unknown makes me yearn a little for a back garden with a gate out to fields and woods and brooks. Actually we have a brook opposite our front door but I suppose I’m thinking of one full of frogs and sticklebacks as opposed to shopping trolleys, condoms and used needles… I know, just call me picky.

I’ve got some other unbearably cute photo’s of the kids playing together and my friends unbelievably cutchy baby girl but am resisting as I know others may not have my laissez faire approach to public display. Suffice to say they played together like angels, Sophie is a month older than Ida and at two yrs they do a lot of tandem play but after a day together they were hand in hand and thick as thieves at the end. Maddy is maybe one or two years younger than Zeph but they match each other brilliantly in playing together – she can out gross him any day – today he’s been listing her friends brilliant gross out abilities – apparently she know’s someone who can make their eyes pop out…

 and she likes Bieber.

Ah the old Time To Go Home face….

It was the kind of day that abounds with BT’s and falling in to bed last night I realised how genuinely light and happy I felt. A day with old friends that gave my heart a real workout.


2 responses to “Convalescence

  1. Slimbridge looks like an incredibly beautiful place. We all need those days with our kids to just bask in the sunshine and enjoy nature!

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