Beautiful Things

So due to the fore mentioned wobble I have fewer posts than I would like so, to reach my resolution pleasing 365 at the end of the year I may be playing catch up. I don’t care if this is cheating…it feels right in my head.

So here’s a round-up of my current BT’s. There are a few flowers – I don’t know if that’s a little WI –  it’s just they consistently make me happy.  That this thing, of intense beauty and fragility, is functionally efficient in every way. It pleases me. Hugely.

My autumn planted alliums are exploding like purple fireworks;

The peony buds are fatter and still covered in ants;

On Good Friday my Mum and Dad came to plant some potatoes at our house. I didn’t tell them I’d already put the majority of ours into the ground. Breaking my Mum’s GF embargo… We had some Charlotte’s left and she brought some pink firs so we planted them in bags and old pot; 

        In the morning Zeph and I attempted chocolate eclairs. We planned to painstakingly photograph our progress as, personally, I would have found a photograph of the dough “coming together” helpful. Sadly we completely forgot, in our excitement, to take any photo’s.


They came out really well though. When we took them out of the oven they did look worryingly flat but as Zeph said later, jubilantly, “it’s the cream that makes them all fat.”

I also messed up the chocolate ganache icing thing. Three times. Luckily it still tastes great when it’s all grainy. We resolve to do it again, properly, with a piping bag, I’ll make toffee icing instead and Zeph will be in charge of the camera. Until this magical day check out these bad boys on my cake stand (obviously!)


On sunday we gathered at G’mas for an amazing day of lots of family, egg trails and far too much food. These are the pig cakes, Alice, who has the baking gene, made in honour of Steve’s porcine fondness. The sun shone and the kids tumbled about poking under leaves for chocolate eggs gleaming in their brightly coloured foil. Ida took great joy in coercing my Mum into collecting all the fallen camellia flowers and laying them out on the jumble find tractor that lives in G’mas greenhouse.

Aprons are de rigueur here you know.


4 responses to “Beautiful Things

  1. I am loving this post. Kind of fell off the post every day wagon too but worked out how to back date my posts by editing the date. Sneaky yes?! The eclairs look amazing, especially on your cake stand. Also I love aprons, I have three. Xxx

    • Aha! love the posts catch up – sounds like a brilliant visit. I did waver over the dates editing but felt like I wanted to be able to see the hole when I looked back – weird I know! big love xx

  2. I am speechless with amazement! I think you must have the baking gene too.

    • ha! – the funniest bit was Zeph’s look of amazement when he bit into one. “it tastes just like one!” what the hell did he think it was going to taste like?

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