Ah the wonder of Wordle.

Do check it out – I bet you’ve seen them around. They make me think of sieving for gold. You can manipulate them to your satisfaction but I really like the random collection of golden nuggets. I love this first one I’ve done of my blog. I promise I’ve not pruned any of the words just changed the colours. I am deeply pleased by the prominence of my loved ones names and that there are loads of positive questioning words. The appearance of woodlice makes me laugh out loud – at the moment they have a HUGE presence in my life.

Inspired by Penny at The Alexander Residence ‘s HeadsDown page I wonder if I could attempt a regular Wordle update. I wonder if it’ll change much? Actually I wonder if I’ll manage it as I consistently fail to paste the damn thing on to  a blog page although, mysteriously, it works in my text widget. 

Why, WHY? *reeling around, clutching hair*


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