I’m feeling the love

Do you know the most lovely Penny at Alexanders Residence has nominated me for this really great blog award thingy. I am overwhelmingly (probably slightly disproportionately) pleased.

Lieb means love and this one is all about the love. It’s especially for the smaller, newer blogs with less than three hundred followers. (Haha! that’s definitely me! I haven’t worked out how to do that Google thing..) (going to do that…really soon.) Anyway you need to pay the love forward by tagging five other smaller/newer blogs you love reading.

Ooooooh. I’m not good at top fives…it’s very hard to make choices…. Let me say this is just my favourite five right now this second.

First off – Inexpert Crafter, except I don’t think she’s that inexpert really.. I love all the craft stuff and updates on her garden but I also really love her openness and honesty. She’s up against some hard stuff at the moment but I still come away smiling and uplifted – amazing really.

Now; – Suzy at Useless Beauty Designs. God I love this blog – I lol, I do – I really do. Am I allowed to lol? am I too old? Always thought-provoking with so much I recognise like the difficulty of talking to the fish man…supermarket showdowns…sewing over pins…the uneasy sureness when surveying a patchwork “kit” ie a collection of toning patches, batting, some cotton reels for an extortionate price in a local craft shop that the point has slightly been lost and feeling that Suzy would know where I was coming from. Anyway I always check this one out (and would follow, if only I could understand the google thing…the day is coming I’m sure)

Hattie at Lizardmother. Is it cheating because Hatz is a good friend I used to work with? No it is not. She’s newer than me to blogging (that’s v new..) and I love her beautiful things details, the adventures with her mice and gecko’s and, again, her open black dog wrestling. 

Next; Growing Things from Seed. I am always knocked out by the level of creativity here and the lovely photos. I come away inspired and cheered and feeling like I want to get the paint out. If you could see the state of my bedaubed walls you’d know what a triumph that is.

and lastly – check out Doodlemum. Angie posts a sketch a day and they are always a pleasure. I love her style, the fluidity of her line and her knack of capturing the essence of family life so succinctly. Try it, she’s addictive.

Phew – I’m  a wreck! All that decisiveness. Also I was seized with a fear that I should ask permission – hope no one minds – it’s all done with oodles of lieblingness. Finally big thanks to Penny – really made my day.


7 responses to “I’m feeling the love

  1. Oh me oh my, what do I do with this?
    Congratulations first to you, and then many many many thanks, I am so touched.
    But then, there is the anxiety … how do I select five blogs? Do I even know five who are new? Is it unacceptable to only pass the love onto one blogger?
    Argh, juxtaposed feelings, massively, hugely grateful for your kind words about me/my blog, BUT what do I do?

    • oh Dee – I’m really sorry. First of all I didn’t mean to pass you any extra sress right now. It’s a lighthearted blog award thing – think of it as a benificent chain. A really great way for new bloggers to encourage each other and get a bit of extra traffic from new readers…. It wouldn’t matter in the least if you did absolutely nothing with it.Or picked one blog or ten. Someone dropped a pebble in a pond and a ripple touched you. I picked new blogs by if they were about a year or less – the tag I read said they had to have less than 300 followers (on one of those google followers thing). I just thought of the ones I love to read…
      I thought it was just an extension of the feeling I get when I find a blog I really like and then go through their blogroll, reasoning that I really enjoy their writing and so will probably like what they read. A couple of the ones I tagged probably don’t read my blog so I think I’m supposed to leave a comment saying I have tagged them but I haven’t done that yet as I got all abashed. I definitely had some more visits from Penny’s post which was nice otherwise it was just a nice virtual blogging hug really. Did this help? I really hope so. Hope your order of service is going ok –
      again – sorry
      hugs – Laura xx

  2. Please don’t apologise, it was the nicest feeling in the world to ‘win’ an award, from a stranger, for something I don’t have a massive confidence in. If I had got it from elsewhere, yours would have been on my list.

    I can think of three to pass it to, and so I will, it is such a lovely lovely way of showing someone that you like reading their posts, it will encourage bloggers all over. Do write on the other people that you tagged because the encouragement it offered you and me has to be shared.

    I will write a post today I think, and pass the award to the three people I can think of.

    Again, don’t apologise. It is SO lovely that you thought of me, I am just too new to know all of the etiquette. I remember Lucy at Attic24 writing about some blogging terminology when she was new, it’s a fun learning curve.


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  4. Thank you VERY much for this, so kind! (Sorry to be so slow commenting. My computer is very old, it fights me, I have to muster up my strength, it is whirring at me now in protest). I am just loving your blog. I don’t really know how to do the google thing either, I just do what blogger tells me to ;-).

  5. I followed here from Inexpert Crafter…. have added you to my favs list. Looking so forward to checking back with you again. Thank you for the time and thought that goes into your blog. Godspeed!


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