While transforming some leftovers into a delicious cottage pie for tea today I heard an alarming noise from the garden. When I stuck my head through the conservatory door I found a pigeon had got confused and trapped by the safety net around Z’s trampoline. It was flapping hysterically around while making a strange hooting noise. Things had been exacerbated by the fact Mittens (our cat) had noted this phenomenon and had climbed into the trampoline as well. She had obviously jumped up at the pigeon and was bouncing about a bit. She’d also obviously changed her mind about the whole thing. Probably when she’d seen how big the bird was – she prefers hunting spiders. She was trying to get to the entrance and the bird was flapping around in front of it – every time she jumped to try to get out she bounced.

There was a lot of hooting and yowling. I dearly wish I’d managed to capture it on film but I was transfixed. Transfixed I tell you.

Luckily things resolved themselves before I intervened. (Like I had any idea how to.) The pigeon finally realised it only had to flap a foot higher and Mitz dove out of the gap and shot down the garden.

To be honest nothing else today really touches that. It’s been a great day, lots of sun, sewing club, sewing edging closer to being a wearable item of clothing, bit more knitting, playdough play with Ida in which she made a mermaid. With two heads.

At least she said it was a mermaid.

The house still smells of roses and I managed to wrestle a couple more bits of anemone root out of the rock hard mud. I scoured a few more jobs pages. Winced at my bank balance. Stuff like that.

My best beautiful things today were watching Ida eat her dippy egg for lunch. She frowns with concentration when dipping. There is clearly an optimum amount of runny yolk and more set gold to be smeared on the soldiers and she’ll not lose focus ’til she has it.

Zeph cheering himself up about being a bit rubbish at the running races they’ve done today in PE. “They won’t be laughing when they see I can dive and how fast my breaststroke is.” Dear Thoth I hope I’ve given him something he’s good at in games. Can’t wait for swimming to start this term.

The wind yesterday had broken one of my iris stems in the garden. The good bit is I get to bring it indoors and put it in a vase. It casts a striking shadow on my white wall.

Ida won’t lie down at bedtime until she has a hug from Zeph, he comes in laughing and she fastens herself around his neck like a monkey. He reads her a bedtime story without being asked. They both smell of clean hair and toothpaste. Steve and I just sit and listen along. Bugger the overdraft – we’re rich in BT’s.


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